James Spender

James Spender is Cyclist magazine's deputy editor, which is odd given he barely knows what a verb is, let alone how to conjugate one. But he does really, really love bikes, particularly taking them apart and putting them back together again and wondering whether that leftover piece is really that important

The riding and tinkering with bicycles started aged 5 when he took the stabilisers off his little red Raleigh, and over the years James has gone from racing mountain bikes at the Mountain of Hell and Mega Avalanche to riding gran fondos and sportives over much more civilised terrain.

James is also one half of the Cyclist Magazine Podcast, and if he had to pick a guest to go for a drink with, he'd take Greg LeMond. Or Jens Voigt. Or Phil Liggett. Hang on... that's a harder choice than it sounds.

Instagram: @james_spender

Height: 179cm

Weight: 79kg

Saddle height: 76cm

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