Sam Challis

Sam Challis is tech editor at Cyclist, managing the brand's technical content in print and online.

Aside from a brief stint as a technical editor for BikeRadar, Sam has been at Cyclist for almost ten years. Consequently he's had plenty of opportunity to test the latest bikes and kit, interview big brands and examine the latest trends. 

That experience combined with an indefatigable interest in new cycling tech means Sam has developed discerning opinions on what makes a good product. 

That said, his heart often rules his head – he'll take a lightweight and lively bike over an efficient aero machine any day of the week, whatever the numbers say.

Sam is a road cyclist at heart, but in the summer when the west Dorset bridleways and trails he calls home are dry, he'll most often be found out exploring on a gravel bike.

Instagram: @pedallingwords

Weight: 84kg

Height: 185cm

Saddle height: 79cm

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