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The best phone cases for cyclists

Jerseys pockets aren't the best places for keeping phones, money and cards. You need one of these...

Rapha Essentials case
Cyclist magazine
3 Nov 2019

As the leaves on trees turn to brown, it’s the time of year that you start to notice your jersey pockets swelling as you roll out. Spare arm warmers, gilets and gloves fight for space next to inner tubes and energy gels.

To stop your personal essentials – phone, keys, cards, coffee money – getting bashed or soaked from spray, a wallet or pouch is the answer, and we’ve tested a number of cycling-specific ones. Which will be the one to put your money on and in?

Here are the best phone cases and wallets for cyclists

Bellroy MAAP All Conditions - £75

Bellroy promises to keep your electricals and valuable safe with this waterproof all-conditions phone case. As upgrades go, it’s like moving from Ryanair to your own Learjet. Made of all-weather leather, has a range of sizes for different smartphones, has separate sections for cards, keys and cash and a water-resistant zip. Beautiful but pricy.


Buy now from Bellroy for £75

Lezyne Roll Caddy - £16

Lezyne Roll Caddy

Thanks to its Velcro strap, this can either be popped in a jersey pocket or strapped beneath your saddle.

It opens out to reveal five pockets, one of which is zippered for change or fiddly items such as chain links. It all you’re carrying is a phone and cash, it folds up neatly, but will expand to take an inner and multitool. The nylon outer means it will survive abuse.


Buy now from Wiggle for £14.99

Capsular P1 - £20 

Capsular P1

When this hard-shell case turned up, we thought, ‘One that’s actually waterproof!’ Alas, there are no such claims from the manufacturers, although when we ran it under a tap for 30 seconds, nothing seeped in.

It’s one of the bulkier pouches but withstands being dropped better than most and so should keep your items well protected from weather and bashes. 


Buy now from Capsular for £19.99

Evoc Phone Case - £18

Evoc Phone Case

Anything that says ‘Engineered in Germany’ if off to a good start when it comes to protection. A soft but tough exterior is combined with a zip which almost disappears when done up, making the case light but water-resistant.

There is room for keys, multitool and phone, while a Velcro straps lets you attach it to a belt. It’s a simple design that works well. 


Buy now from Wiggle for £19.99

Cyclist Ridepac - £25

Well, of course we were going to suggest our own phone case. 

Able to house your phone, cards, cash and multi-tool, the Cyclist Ridepac will keep all your valuables safe from adverse conditions while sitting neatly in your back pocket.


Buy now from the Cyclist shop for £25

Rapha Essentials Case - £25 

Rapha Essentials case

Classic Rapha: stylish and not cheap. It’s a waterproof material case that will fit a phone, has a separate sleeve for cards/money and you could even squeeze in a multitool.

It’s a lovely item and, next to the Bellroy case, starts to look a bargain.


Buy now from Rapha for £25