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Best gifts for cyclists: Presents for the cyclist in your life

The ultimate gift guide for the cyclist in your life

It’s a tough spot to be in. You need a gift and you are stuck with what to get that Lycra-lover in your life. What do you do? You’ve already exhausted, not on the High Street and you got those cycling-themed socks from M&S, so what else is there?

Don’t panic – cycling is our bag, our thing, our jam, so we’ve got your back.

Read on for a carefully curated selection of the best gifts cyclists that’ll hit the spot for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter and the rest sparing your blushes when they open the present. All you have to worry about is getting the stuff delivered and sorting some bike-themed wrapping paper.

From thoughtful things for under £10 to high-tech gadgets and money-no-object corkscrews, these are presents the Cyclist team would be suitably stoked to find themselves unwrapping if you were buying for us.

Tech gifts for cyclists

Food + drink gifts for cyclists

Coffee gifts for cyclists

Cheap gifts for cyclists

Luxury gifts for cyclists

Novelty gifts for cyclists

Charity gifts for cyclists

Vouchers gifts for cyclists

Tech gifts for cyclists

Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless headphones | £159.95

Now, headphones aren’t normally something we’d endorse for cycling, however the Shokz Aeropex headphones actually work through bone conduction so don't go in your ear – allowing you to hear everything around you clearly.

Whether you want spoken directions, headphones for turbo sessions or maybe a light podcast or music on a solo ride, they’ll give you around ten hours per charge and are IP55 waterproof.

Crankbrothers 19 function multi-tool | £32.99

Finding a multi-tool that does everything you need is not an easy task, but the Crankbrother 19 function multi-tool could just do the trick.

Not only does it include the standard allen keys and three screwdrivers, but also a spoke key, torx wrenches, an 8mm wrench AND a chain-tool, compatible with 8/9/10/11/12 speed chains. 

At 175g, the multi-tool is a practical addition to any saddle bag.

Hiplok V1 wearable chain lock Sold Secure Silver | £55

As much as you’d like to think you're what the cyclist in your life would miss the most, if their bike was stolen you might be in for a rude awakening. With the average price of a bike now higher than ever, protecting them is well worthwhile. 

Hiplok are a household-name when it comes to bicycle locks, and the V1 wearable chain lock provides Sold Secure Silver level protection, with 3 keys and a 85cm locking diameter.

The wearable design makes the lock more easily transportable, and the reflective sleeve is great for rider-visibility. 

Wera Tools Tool-Check Plus toolset | £76.99


A good tool-kit is something every cyclist needs, but not everyone has the space or desire to own a bulky tool-box.

This sleek set from Wera Tools houses 39 indiviudal pieces, including a ratchet, a bit-holding screwdriver and a wide variety of ends, making it perfect for use for most bike adjustments. 

The small ratchet is well-designed to fit into those hard-to-reach areas, and Wera’s products are known for their excellent build quality, with the Bicycle Set 3 featured in on our In The Drops round-ups. 

Food & drink gifts for cyclists

Park Tool pizza tool | £17.09

Bigger, better, stronger, the iconic bike pizza cutter has been updated to slice through the toughest dough around. A genuine staple in any cyclist's kitchen.*

*Never, ever to be used on a Hawaiian.

Spurcycle Must Go Hard water bottle | £14.99

A cyclist can never have too many water bottles which makes it a sure-fire hitter of a present, thankfully. This option from Spurcycle is punbelievable. See what we did there?

There’s also a ketchup version if you’re that way inclined.

Case of Kwaremont beer | £24.45

Just like its Flemish cobbled climb namesake, Kwaremont beer packs a punch and can leave you floored after too many. But it is the perfect tipple for pro cycling lovers this Christmas.

It’s an utterly moorish drop that will cut through the heft of a Christmas Dinner with ease, and send you off into that lovely afternoon snooze too.

Campagnolo Big Corkscrew | £179.99

Believe it or not, it is actually enshrined in law that every cycling gift guide must include the legendary Campagnolo corkscrew.

Designed with the Super Record groupsets of the 1970s in mind, the telescopic, self-centring design ensures an accurate and successful cork pop on every occasion. Fancy!

Coffee gifts for cyclists

La Vie Claire espresso cup and saucer | £17.50

If you’ve already bought the aforementioned espresso maker and high-quality coffee, your next step will be providing a cycling-themed mug for it to be drunk out of.

Cycling Souvenirs do a full range of excellent espresso cup and saucers to service this need with the La Vie Claire option – the team of Bernad Hinault and Greg LeMond – being our personal favourite.

Monmouth Coffee | £14 for 500g

And because you’ve just bought that espresso maker above, you should probably get some good quality coffee – like Gennaro told us to – to go alongside it in the gift bag.

Several of the Cyclist editorial team rely upon the good folks at Monmouth coffee for their strong stuff. All ethically sourced and expertly roasted.

Bialetti Moka Express espresso maker | from £22

I’m not going to convince you why you need to buy this for your coffee-obsessed cyclist loved one. Italian television chef Gennaro Contaldo is going to do that for me at this link.

Cheap gifts for cyclists

A subscription to Cyclist Magazine | £5

What's the gift that keeps on giving? It’s Cyclist Magazine, of course.

With 13 issues a year delivered straight to your door monthly, discover the world's best rides, insight on the latest tech and stories from the most influential people in the sport.

Try your first three copies for just £5. If you’re a fan (you will be), your subscription will then continue at £32.99 every six issues.

Simon Warren’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs | £9.99

Owning a copy of Simon Warren’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs is a rite of passage for any UK-based road cyclist. If you haven’t unwrapped a copy for Christmas/your birthday, do you even ride?

This pocket-sized bible is your one-stop shop for the best and most beastly climbs Britain has to throw at you, including handy tips on how to reach the summit in one go.

Le Col cycling socks | £17

Socks are basically the most important part of a cyclist’s wardrobe and there are hundreds of unwritten rules you must follow when wearing them.

To save you breaking those rules, follow our advice and just get them a set of these socks from LeCol. Preferably in white with black trim. You’re welcome.

Knog Oi Classic bike bell | £14.99

Road safety is an important, yet sometimes quite boring, topic and whilst a bell doesn't sound the most thrilling gift, this Knog Oi Classic bell could be a practical and eye-catching gift for the cyclist in your life. 

Available in a variety of colours, the Knog Oi Classic is minimalistic yet effective, and comes in size Small (for 22.2mm bars) and size Large (for 31.8mm bars).

Alfa Lum Prendas cycling cap | £12.99

Like socks, caps are also a really important part of a cyclist’s life. The ultimate fashion accessory when they stop for that overpriced coffee on their weekend ride.

Prendas is the unofficial home of cycling caps with hundreds to choose from. Classic choices include Brooklyn, Peugeot and Mapei but we suggest going off-piste with an iconic Alfa Lum number.

Luxury gifts for cyclists

Castelli Women’s Perfetto Ros 2 Jacket | £204

Part of Castelli’s Rain or Shine (RoS) collection, the Perfetto 2 is a gift that can be used all year round. The jacket features Gore-Tex windstopper fabrics, as well as zipped chest vents for body temperature regulation. 

The seams are reinforced for added protection from the elements and, with even bigger pockets than the previous iteration and a neat reflective strip at the base of the jacket, the Perfetto could be a great addition to your loved one's wardrobe. 

Cyclist Climb book + Ride book | £30 each

Gift your beloved or bestie a guide to the world’s most beautiful and gruelling cycling climbs. Following great debate among the team here at Cyclist, we’ve picked 35 of our favourite lumps from around the globe.

A bucket list of great mountains, it includes ascents France, Italy, Spain and Belgium while also covering lesser-known climbs in northern and eastern Europe and the USA. Guiding you to the top, each is covered by an in-depth first-hand account and backed up by route maps and altitude charts.

Illustrated by the finest cycling photographers, as featured in the magazine, it’s the ideal jumping-off point for a new cycling adventure. Out on the 6th of October, you can preorder now. 

Grab your copy of Ride, a veritable tome by us here at Cyclist that features 50 of the greatest rides in the world.

Ride covers the very best of Europe, from the twisting trails of northern Norway to the winding coast of southern Spain, including rides from as far afield as Vietnam, Ethiopia and Lebanon, as well as the USA.

Giro Empire road shoes | From £164.99

Despite having been around since the beginning of time, former digital editor Joe Robinson still ranks the Giro Empire road shoes as the best set of cycling shoes he has ever worn. Stiff, and stylish, just how he likes it.

And that’s some endorsement too as he could give Imelda Marcos a run for her money.

Rapha Core Jersey | £65

We can’t think of many riders who’d object to adding a new jersey to their collection. The Rapha Core range is good value yet still offers nice styling and plenty of panache.

Available in men’s and women’s variants and a slew of different colours, the Core Jersey is made from stretch fabric. Cut to be tight, but not so tight that you’ll need to be shaped like a pro racer; it promises a close yet unrestrictive fit.

Recommended for mild to warm conditions, it’s a wardrobe staple most cyclists would be glad to add to their collection. 

Paul Smith Racing Cufflinks | £115

Fun fact: Cyclist writer Joe Robinson lost out on £2,000 competing on a BBC quiz show, because he answered a question on bike-mad fashion designer Paul Smith incorrectly.

He assures us that he doesn't hold it against Paul but we're not so sure, he kicked up quite a fuss about the inclusion of these lovely gold-finished cufflinks.

Novelty gifts for cyclists

Silca Titanium straws | £19

Yeah, we're stumped for something smart to say here. Reusable straws, though? Saving the planet etc. etc. Pretty cool.

Portland Design Works Very Good Dog bottle cage | £24.99

Who’s a good doggo then? The one on this bottle cage, obviously. The best doggo. Look how cute this is, looking at that tongue. That’s putting a smile on a face come Christmas morning.

Nicknames of the Peloton poster | £65

This is good, this is really good. The concept, the execution, ‘the Tashkent Terror’, we are huge fans. How good would this look in the front room? Even comes with a frame.

Art of Football Cycling Classics t-shirt | £25

If you like the nicknames poster, how about this classic jersey T-shirt?

Marking some of the finest designs the peloton has ever seen including Mapei, La Vie Claire and Z-Vetements, you can rock your favourites off the bike. It’s also available as a sweatshirt for £40 if you want it for winter.

Ciclismo badges | £6

Who else used to pin their school blazer with badges of their favourite bands? No, just me? Fine.

Well, how about pinning your blazers with badges of your favourite pro cycling kits from Ciclismo Badges? Now that’s more like it. The perfect accessory to show off your love of cycling. Team Renault Elf for us, please.

    Charity gifts for cyclists

    The Bike Project

    We at Cyclist know the freedom a bicycle can bring and so do the good people at The Bike Project. Their mission is to take second-hand bikes, repair them and donate them to refugees across the UK. 

    They also offer group cycle training for refugee women in London and Birmingham. 

    As part of their ‘Gifts for Refugees’ programme, you can choose from a whole host of ways to support their work and see where the money goes. Some of the options include paying for the delivery of a bike to a refugee (£10), buying a refugee Cycling Safety Kit (£20) or going the whole hog and getting a fully-serviced bike to a refugee (£100). 

    Concern Worldwide

    As a charity focussed on delivering humanitarian aid, Concern Worldwide see the bicycle as an environmentally-friendly way to help get families out of poverty. 

    For only £22, you donate a bicycle on behalf of your cycling companion and they’ll get a gift card showing the great work that Concern will able to do with their gift.

    Vouchers for cyclists

    Let's be honest, if you’re coming here for inspiration, you’re really not sure what you’re going to get.

    That’s where the gift voucher/card comes in.

    A load of cycling websites offer e-vouchers that will be emailed to you, so whoever you’re buying for can choose the kit they want for themselves. You could even buy it the morning of if you’re in a panic.

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