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Cyclist reviews policy

How Cyclist produces product reviews for print and online

Cyclist magazine
21 May 2020

The reviews in Cyclist magazine and on are all fully independent and objective. The items are chosen for review by Cyclist editorial staff, and the opinions on those items are those of the reviewer alone.

Items are only reviewed after thorough testing, and no money is paid by manufacturers to Cyclist or the reviewer in order to ensure the review takes place or to affect the opinions expressed in the review.

How does Cyclist review?

Items for review are selected by Cyclist editorial staff based on what we think readers most want to learn about. We’ll prioritise new and popular products, and products that have innovative features.

All products are tested thoroughly over several weeks, being used in the manner to which they are intended. Frequently we will interview manufacturers to better understand the thinking behind products and get insight into the construction and features.

Where we make comparisons with other products, it will only be against products of a similar purpose and price point.

Price is not a determining factor in the assessment of a product, except where the reviewer feels that the price is exceptionally good or bad for the performance of the product.

Star ratings are from one to five. One star is incredibly poor; two is poor-to-average; three average-to-good; four very good; five outstanding.

A five-star review is rare and suggests that a product doesn’t just perform excellently, but out-performs its competitors in the same market. In short, a game-changer.

How does Cyclist make money?

Cyclist reviews are independent and Cyclist does not accept payment from companies for producing reviews, nor will Cyclist adapt a review or improve a star rating in return for payment.

Reviewers are not entitled to keep items, which are usually returned to manufacturers after the review is complete (except in cases where the item cannot be resold or reused – no one wants a pair of used bibshorts).

On occasion, Cyclist will create articles on behalf of a commercial client, otherwise known as advertorials. In this case, the article will – by law – include the term ‘Sponsored’ in the link or strapline.

Articles titled ‘Sponsored’ will have been paid for by a commercial client.

Sponsored articles will not include star ratings, nor will they include the personal opinions of Cyclist’s reviewers.

On occasion, reviews will include links to retailers that stock the featured item. Cyclist can earn affiliate revenue from any sales that result from readers clicking on these links, however they have no bearing on which products are reviewed or how they are assessed.

Cyclist and take every effort to ensure all product reviews are fair, thorough, objective and fully independent.

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