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32 Taper-Cast gravel fork is lightest suspension fork Fox has ever made

The new short-travel design is tuned specifically for gravel and optimised for 700c tyres

Emma Cole
5 Apr 2022

Fox has today launched the 32 Taper-Cast gravel fork which it says is the lightest suspension fork the brand has ever made, weighing a claimed 1,226g.

The new fork is the successor to the Fox AX Adventure gravel suspension fork which launched in 2017. Whereas the AX was simply a chopped-down 32 SC cross-country mountain bike fork though, the 32 TC has been specifically designed for gravel use and has a number of distinct features.

There are 40mm or 50mm travel options and two damper options too, with prices ranging from £849 to £1,039.

Gravel-tuned suspension

Fox says using a suspension fork leads to a better rider experience, in particular increased control and more terrain options.

According to the brand, a specifically tuned suspension fork is superior to other common gravel suspension devices like flexible stems and the undamped travel of Lauf’s Grit SL leaf-spring fork.

The new 32 Taper-Cast gravel fork features a ‘sleek drop crown profile’ which according to Fox increases downtube clearance, widening frame compatibility.

The arch is at the rear of the fork rather than the front which Fox says allowed for less material to be used, resulting in a lighter weight fork as well as improving its appearance.

The fork has a new lower-profile adjustment knobs which the brand says also improve downtube clearance.

Tapered legs for aero and weight savings

A noteworthy feature of the 32 Taper-Cast fork is the use of tapered legs. FOX says this is to help improve aerodynamic efficiency and weight loss.

According to FOX, given the short travel of the fork, the entire lower leg is not needed for upper tube overlap, so the lower legs could be tapered down at the bottom.

This saves weight and decreases the frontal area slightly, producing a unique looking and more aerodynamic fork.

Fox 32 Taper-cast fork tyre clearance and compatibility

The 32 Taper-Cast fork is optimised for 700c tyres, with a max tyre size of 700c×50mm. It has integrated mudguard mounts, offering room for 45mm 700c tyres with a mudguard installed.

Notably, it is not 650b compatible because the narrowest point between the fork legs falls in the same place as the widest part of a 650b tyre would, which would limit 650B tyre size to just 30mm.

As the point of using 650b wheels is to create space for wide tyres, Fox says this restriction defeats the purpose of using the wheel size and adds that the 700c×50mm clearance means there is no need to drop down to 650b anyway.

The brand says it also feels that 700c tyres provide better rollover and smoothness compared to 650b.

The 32 Taper-Cast fork is compatible with either 160mm or 180mm rotors and uses a 1.5in tapered steerer.

The 32 Taper-Cast fork can be specced with either Fox’s FIT4 (performance elite) or GRIP (performance) dampers and comes in 40mm and 50mm travel options.

Prices for the 32 Taper-Cast gravel fork range from £849 to £1,039 and it's available now from

Fox 32 Taper-Cast gravel fork specs:

  • 40mm and 50mm travel options
  • FIT4 and Grip damper options
  • 12 x 100mm Kabolt axle
  • Flat mount 160 and 180mm rotor compatible
  • Max tyre size 700c x 50mm
  • Integrated fender mounts
  • Longer steer tube to fit larger frames/longer head tubes
  • 1 1/2” – 1 1/8” tapered steer tube
  • 45mm and 50mm offset options
  • Axle-to-crown 435.5mm - 445.5mm
  • 1,226g claimed weight

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