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In the Drops: Beeline Velo 2, Whoop 4.0 and Steve Cummings’ autobiography

Another weekly roundup of new cycling gear and dog tattoos at the Women’s Tour

Robyn Davidson
10 Jun 2022

Happy Friday! 

I'm travelling back home from the Women’s Tour (pausing for sympathy) and it’s been a brilliant, albeit rainy, time. But more on that later. 

This week, Garmin launched its first solar charging bike computer in the Edge 1040 Solar.

The brilliant Emma Cole reviewed the Maap Women’s Pro Bib 2.0 bib shorts while Will Strickson wrote about Whoop whipping. Try saying that three times fast. 

(He actually interviewed EF’s Head of Medicine Kevin Sprouse about the metrics that dominated Giro d’Italia coverage.)

Matthew Loveridge made us feel queasy by recommending this 65mph descending video and Sam Challis covered the new Colnago Prototipo, or is it the V4Rs?

This week I have some brilliant new gear lined up for you. Let’s get into it.

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Beeline Velo 2 GPS

This week, Beeline released the Beeline Velo 2 GPS cycling computer.

The Velo 2 provides a new navigation interface for users including an updated app-based route planner.

You’re given the choice of three options to your destination: a fast route, a quiet route or a blend between the two.

Users are also able to choose their own route with Compass Mode – Beeline’s as-the-crow-flies navigation.

Such tracking details additionally provided are a speedometer, live ride stats and an ETA as the battery life lasts for 10+ hours.

A twist-lock mounting mechanism means the Beeline Velo 2 can be fitted to any handlebar.

Whoop 4.0

The Whoop 4.0 is designed with new biometric tracking.

This means you’re able to see skin temperature, blood oxygen, sleep cycles and more.

It got a lot of press throughout the recent Giro d’Italia with ‘strains’ and heart rate info popping up on screens.

A strain is measured from 0 to 21 and is calculated by the duration of time spent in each personal heart rate zone, established from maximum heart rate.

So the longer your heart spends at a high rate, the higher the strain.

Strain is divided into categories.

  • Light strain: Minimal stress is being put on the body
  • Moderate strain: Moderate stress is being put on the body to help maintain fitness
  • High strain: Increased stress and/or activity is occurring to build fitness gains in training
  • All out: Either all-out training or a big activity day which put significant stress on the body. Here it may be difficult to recover from the day after.

Strain doesn’t sound like a real word anymore.

I also use this for tracking sleep. It can be shocking to see the numbers but it feels good to know why I’m cranky the next day.

Case in point.

You can charge your Whoop without removing it from your wrist with the waterproof battery pack as well.

The Break: Life as a Cycling Maverick by Steve Cummings

Personally, Steve Cummings was always an enjoyable rider to watch.

Especially with his breakaway win on Mandela Day for then-MTN-Qhubeka. 

This autobiography details his cycling journey from riding in the Wirral as a junior to a love-hate relationship with the British Cycling team and Vuelta a España stage success before retiring to be a sports director with Ineos Grenadiers.

He has countless stories on fellow riders he shared time in the peloton with, from Chris Froome, Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish.

What we're into this week: Dog tattoos?!

I went to see stage four of the Women’s Tour this week – a rainy affair from Wrexham to Welshpool. It was so much fun to be back in the race surrounded by a great bunch of people.

It was at the start line I saw the dominating figure of Lorena Wiebes. 

I also saw...

Her dog tattoo!

A great reminder for me to begin the ‘cyclists and their tattoos’ series that I have been meaning to start for over a year now. 

But I love dogs and I love cycling. So this was absolutely perfect. 

Have a nice weekend and get tattoos of your pets.

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