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Komoot launches Street View for trails

Trail View means users can now preview the terrain ahead and better visualise their adventure

Emma Cole
2 Aug 2022

Komoot today launches Trail View, which the brand says will bring its maps to life, enhance user experience and allow for better adventure planning. Trail View is essentially komoot’s version of Google Street View.

Using AI-powered image recognition technology, Trail View allows users to preview the trail ahead based on images taken by other users.

Komoot says this will allow users to better plan their adventure as they can check whether the trail is suitable for their sport or experience level.

‘Product development at komoot is geared towards leveraging the power of our outdoor collective out on the trails and finding innovative ways to enhance their outdoor experience by connecting everyone’s knowledge,’ says Jonas Spengler, CTO at komoot.

‘And Trail View is such a great example of how innovation and AI intersect to empower people to plan better tours with confidence.’

How it works

Trail View is available for all komoot users via the komoot web platform by selecting the Trail View map layer.

Once on this layer, clicking on a green dot will bring up a picture of the trail.

These images, taken by other komoot users who have already been on that trail, have all been scanned by the Trail View technology, to ensure they fit the criteria.

This ensures the pictures are only of the trail and not of buildings, people or anything unsavoury. 

According to komoot, over 15 million images uploaded by komoot users have been automatically scanned to identify around 1 million which show trails and paths.

The brand says that this feature is only set to grow and become more informative as users continue to upload images of trails.

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