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The Bicycle Academy goes into liquidation

UK’s premier bike building school forced to close due to ‘perfect storm’ of economic problems

Will Strickson
30 Nov 2022

The Bicycle Academy has permanently closed after more than ten years of being a leading name in bike building from its base in Frome, Somerset.

Kingmakers TBA, whose influence on the UK framebuilder community is hard to overstate, announced today via Instagram that it had gone into liquidation on 10th November.

Founder Andrew Denham wrote that it was ‘the combined impact of Covid, unplanned relocation of the workshop, Brexit, supply chain issues, commodities and energy prices, cost of living increases and inflation’ that created ‘a perfect storm’, forcing TBA to put an end to the business.

‘TBA was about making framebuilding more accessible,’ he wrote. ‘It’s not easy to build bicycles, but with the right information, education, tools and support, doing it to a high standard is absolutely achieveable.

‘We tried to help out wherever we could. Encouraging, supporting and celebrating those who are eagier to try, with optimism. Making distinction between “fit for purpose” and “probably fine”, whilst imploring everyone to be respectful of their responsibilties as the maker. It’s at the core of what TBA always tried to do, and I hope it’s where we've made the biggest impact.’

He concluded, ‘The TBA workshop has closed its doors for the last time, and we’re all moving on. Things will never be the same, but TBA will always have been what it was. I’m really proud of that.

‘Create space in your life to do good things that matter to you. It’s not always easy, but it’s where the magic happens and memories are made.’ Amen.

Among the mass of people who have learnt the craft under the tutelage of The Bicycle Academy is Cyclist editor Pete Muir, who treasures his PM steel bike to this day.

Photos: Adam Gasson

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