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Cyclist magazine issue 132: on sale now!

5 Oct 2022

In this issue: Passo San Marco; Adventure riding 80s-style; Canyon’s new Ultimate; 3D printing the future

Issue 132, November 2022, of Cyclist magazine is on sale now. Subscribe to Cyclist here or buy issue 132 at the Cyclist Shop

The future looks uncertain. According to Ipsos’s ongoing survey ‘What Worries the World?’, inflation is our top global worry at 39%, followed by poverty and social inequality (31%), unemployment (27%), crime and violence (26%) and corruption (25%).

These were results from August, and one wonders how the death of the Queen will have affected things when Ipsos collates its data for September – will the two in three people who think the UK is heading in the wrong direction increase or decrease?

Who knows, but what we can say at Cyclist is that you will be sorely missed, Ma’am. We remove our cycling caps to you. Chapeau.

Curiously, what is not on the list of worries is the rise of the machines, and yet there is a case to say it should be.

The robots whisper through the internet that other people’s lives are better than ours but that new clothes and craft beer subscriptions would probably help; they prevent us from booking our bikes onto trains without phoning their automated selves separately; and they’ve long-since stopped us putting unknown items in bagging areas, which was one of the few joys left in life.

However, robots are doing at least one thing right: they’re helping to make better bicycles through additive manufacturing. Or, to us mere analogues, 3D printing.

It’s a process I can remember first seeing when a company called Raceware invited us to watch its computer mounts being made for an article back in 2013, but if you turn to page 108 of the latest issue you’ll see 3D printing has come on leaps and bounds since.

Big companies now use it for rapid prototyping, smaller companies to make custom bikes once thought impossible, and everyone in between heralds it as one of the biggest advances in manufacturing since the sliced-bread machine.

These robots aren’t going to lower inflation or bring back the Queen, but they are already making us better bicycles. That is certain.

James Spender Deputy Editor

Photo: Alex Duffill

What’s in issue 132?

The mountain of Venice: The Passo San Marco was built by the Venetians in the 16th century, and conquered by Cyclist in the 21st century

Two for the road: Adventure cyclists Nick Crane and Nick Sanders once enjoyed a friendly rivalry that pushed them to the limits of endurance – and beyond. They tell Cyclist about riding Kilimanjaro, the Andes and to the most remote place on Earth

Col du Granon: The climb that cracked Tadej Pogačar

Keeping the wheels turning: They have one of the most important jobs in professional cycling yet they barely register on the radar. High time we rolled up our sleeves and joined the Tour de France mechanics

Click and print:  From lines of code on a computer to components for bicycles, 3D printing is closing the gap between ideas and reality

The Ayr we breathe: You don’t need to go to France to tackle the Alps – Scotland has its very own, and The Girvan sportive will take you over six of them in the wheeltracks of some genuine cycling legends

For all this and much more, pick up your copy of Cyclist issue 131, on sale now.

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