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King Cage Bottle Lowering cage review

19 Jan 2023

A no-frills cage with a neat in-built 28mm drop that creates space in your frame

Cyclist Rating: 
Bottle lowering design, Lightweight, Good quality finish
Minimal frame height adjustability

The King Cage Bottle Lowering cage is a no nonsense offering from the bottle cage specialists hailing from Colorado, USA.

King Cage Bottle Lowering cage stainless steel design

The Bottle Lowering cage is one of a much larger collection from the brand. It’s available in both stainless steel and titanium and we're testing the steel version here. 

The cage is designed to seat the bottle 1.1in (28mm) lower on the frame than King Cage’s standard cages, aiming to better accommodate smaller bikes, large bottles and bikes fitted with frame bags.

The cage shown here is made from hand-welded 304 stainless steel, which King Cage says is non-marking and durable.

In hand, the cage feels well-constructed with one smooth weld on the tubing. The back plates are well-attached to the main body of the cage and the King Cage logo is embossed onto them.

The mounting eyelets are easy to access, allowing for simple installation. The cage already features an in-built 1.1in height drop but would benefit from longer eyelets for more height adjustability on the frame.

King Cage Bottle Lowering cage stainless steel performance

The stainless steel tubing flexes well when accessing bottles, allowing a secure grip over uneven terrain but not so tight as to cause problems with bottle retrieval.

The tubing is finished to a high quality, which prevented any of the bottles from being scratched when testing.

The 1.1in in-built drop allowed tall water bottles to be fitted to the seat tube of a size small frame but wasn’t so low as to make contact with the cage mounted to the down tube.

The Bottle Lowering cage actually came in at 2g under the manufacturer’s stated weight, at 44g, and the cage is lighter than other stainless steel competitors. The titanium version of this product has a manufacturer’s stated weight of 36g.

The lowering cage occupies a relatively niche corner of the market, with its integrated drop design, but sits at a similar price point to other stainless steel cages.

The King Cage Bottle Lowering cage would work well for those looking for those with smaller frames or using frame bags and provides a no-frills alternative to side-loading cages. The cage is, simply put, a well-made product with a modest yet effective design.

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